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Reaching 20,000 Homes & Businesses in each Zone

Our Town Magazine is a high quality, high impact, professionally designed magazine that focuses on result-driven advertising. Delivered for free by the U.S. Postal System to both homes and businesses throughout Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem, and Atlantic Counties. Our Town Magazine is mailed to over 60,000 homes and businesses that you want to reach. Every issue of our unique electronic page-turning magazine can also be viewed online.

GET IN YOUR ZONE with Our Town Magazine

Our Town Magazine mails 5 issues per zone for a total of 15 magazines throughout the year reaching 20,000 homes and businesses in each of our three zones.

2021 Delivery Schedule

Zone 1

Issue #1 — February
Issue #4 — April
Issue #8 — July
Issue #11 — October
Issue #14 — Decmeber

Zone 2

Issue #2 — February
Issue #5 — April
Issue #7 — June
Issue #10 — September
Issue #13 — November

Zone 3

Issue #3 — March
Issue #6 — March
Issue #9 — August
Issue #12 — October
Issue #15 — Decmeber

Consumers and Businesses Use Our Town
A successful direct marketing campaign can provide your customers with great savings and offers while providing you with new and repeat customers. With the rising cost of postal rates, businesses are concerned about the increased cost of direct mail marketing. When you mail your message in our magazine, postage costs is divided among all advertisers included in the mailing. 

Advertisers Save Money
No other form of advertising is more cost-effective. Our Town Magazine reaches over 20,000 homes and businesses per zone. Our Town is an excellent value at less than a PENNY per home.

We Reach Your Customers
Reaching the customer is what advertising is all about.  Bringing in new customers, reaching new residents, re-establishing customer relationships are all benefits of advertising. Advertising will help you build traffic whether you are well established or a new business.

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