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Outdoor Lighting
               HOME IMPROVEMENT

                                               illuminate deck and patio areas as well as   of the time, due to lower energy operation
                                               pergolas or gazebos for general area   costs.  LED’s can have a considerable cost
                                               lighting where sitting areas are located.    saving compared to traditional incandes-
                                               They can create a warm looking area to   cent lighting.  LED’s are also versatile in
                                               relax and enjoy quality time with family   that they come in multiple colors of light
                                               and friends.                           from a white light to a tan light color for
                                                                                      di erent applications.  LED lights are also
                                               Another type of outdoor lighting is    available in a dimmable version so you can
              Eric M. Krise Services           landscape lighting.  Landscape lighting is a   control the brightness of your outdoor
                                               lower level light designed to illuminate   space depending upon your preference.
        With the spring and summer months      path or walkways.  Landscape lighting can
        coming up now is a great time to think   also be used to accentuate di erent areas   Usually the best way to capture the look of
        about adding outdoor lighting to make   of your home such as up lighting on   your home is to combine both types of
        your outdoor living space more enjoyable.    speci c shrubbery, trees or the facade of   outdoor lighting.  The perfect balance of
                                               your home.  Landscape lights come in a   area lighting and landscape lighting will
        When you are thinking about outdoor                                           really showcase the outdoor oasis that you
        lighting there are multiple options such as   variety of colors and styles and are the   can enjoy right in your own backyard.  Our
        hanging and post lighting or landscape up   perfect way to showcase the elements   sta  is trained to work with you to create
        lighting.  The type of lighting you choose   outside of your home.            the perfect outcome for your outdoor
        will depend on the functionality and look   All of the outdoor lighting options are   project.
        of the space you are going for.        available in LED technology.  One of the
                                               bene ts of LED lighting is that they are
        Hanging lanterns and post lighting are
        higher level area lighting.  They go well to   very energy e cient.  This is a great value
                                               in the outdoor lighting that will be on a lot

                               Residential             Commercial  Industrial

         Plumbing issues can cause more than just a headache
         and can be costly if left unattended. Our licensed and
         insured plumbers are here to serve your residential
         plumbing needs, no matter how big or small the job.

         Being a homeowner chances are you are going to need
         heater repairs at some point. The key is to  nd a HVAC
         contractor you can trust to get the job done right the  rst
         time. Our certi ed technicians can service and repair your
         heating system and if needed replace the entire unit.

         Your central air unit withstands a lot. From high
         temperatures to wind, rain, branches, and debris.
         Having your unit serviced helps to keep it running
         optimally and identi es any potential hazards or leaks,
         as well as helps to extend the lifespan of your system.

                                                          Emergency Service Call us any time!                 SATISFACTION

         Our team of electricians are the best in the business. We   (856) 769-3932
         pride ourselves in not only o ering the best electric
         services, but also customer service.  Our electric       80 Broad St. Elmer, NJ 08318
         services range from indoor lighting to whole home
         surge protectors to electric rewiring.
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