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Spring is right around the corner.
              HOME IMPROVEMENT
                                                                Are your gutters ready?

                                               home’s foundation, long term damage like   Don’t let those spring showers turn into
                                               this could lead to your foundation cracking   May  owers inside of your gutters!
                                               and creating structural issues for your   How often do you clean leaves and other
                                               home.                                  debris o  your lawn and property? Do you
                                               Gutters are a simple way to keep your   clean your gutter just as frequently? Gutter
                                               home protected from water damage, and   guard is a great way to cut down on your
          High Point Roo ng Remodeling         cosmetically it has its bene ts.       chores, prolong the life of your gutter, and
                                               A new gutter really makes your house   keep your basement dry!
                                               stand out; it gives your home a quick and   Let a professional inspect your gutters
        Spring is right around the corner.     easy face lift that can help the life expec-  before or after every winter to insure they
        You know what that means,              tancy of everything else on the exterior of   are working properly to help eliminate
        Spring Showers!                        your home.                             unnecessary damage to your home. A
        When was the last time you had your    Gutters can come in a variety of colors;   simple inspection or tuning of your gutters
        gutters inspected?                     they can be customized to  t your home   could be the best move you make all year.
        If you’ve ever stood underneath an     perfectly. Gutter guard is also a great
        overhang that didn’t have gutters during a   feature to new or existing gutters that will
        rainstorm, you know how much water     keep debris out of your gutters and allow
        pours o  the roof.  Without a channel for   them to work properly without worry.
        this water to safely run down, it will land   Replacing fascia boards and recapping           ROOFING
        and  ood areas of your exterior that you   them in smooth clean metal will also help          REMODELING
        really don’t want  ooded.  That  ooding   protect your home and give your gutter
        can lead to standing water all along your   line a great new look.          

               South Jerseyʼs TOP Roofing & Remodeling Company

                                                            ROOFING        WINDOWS         GUTTERS         SIDING
                                                                                                 Beautiful Job!  I would highly
                                                                                                 recommend High Point
                                                                                                 Roofing.  The workmanship is
                                                                                            excellent and they took great care in
                                                                                            the clean up when they were done.
                                                                                            There is no other choice in my book.
                                                               $ 500          OFF                                Brian B.

                                                                                            from start to finish they did every-
                                                                                            High Point Roofing is the REAL deal,
                                                                                            thing the promised.  We would
           recommend them over and over,
     canʼt go wrong with these guys!
                                                             Coupons must be presented at the time of sale and cannot be
                                                             combined with any other offers.  Window projects must be a   John P.
                                                             minimum of 5 or more. Offer expires 12/23.
                                                                   No Money Down             Schedule Your Free Estimate Today!
                                ROOFING                         No Payments For 1 Year          856-347-4700
                                REMODELING                       Financing Available

              1194 US Highway 40 | Pilesgrove, NJ 08098 | 856-347-4700

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