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HOME IMPROVEMENT         Do you have a water treatment system?
                EXPERT CONTRIBUTOR

                                                Water treatment systems are used to   sizes and styles and are most e ective
                                               treat the water used in everyday tasks   when designed speci cally for your
                                               and provide treated water to your      application.  We will test your water
                                               home or business. A treatment system   and design a system speci cally to
                                               can remove potentially harmful         your needs and water usage amount.
                                               minerals, chemicals, and elements       Water treatment systems are not only
                                               such as nitrates, sulfate, gross alpha   used in applications that have their
                                               and lead.  A treatment system could    own wells.  They are actually e ective
               Eric M. Krise Services          also contain a water softener which    and commonly used in applications
                                               controls the Calcium of your water     where the client has city water.
          If you have one do you have it       making it softer and more comfort-
        serviced regularly?  These are ques-   able.  Softeners are also used to      Although most city water systems are
        tions you should ask yourself in an    remove gross alpha, lead, iron and     monitored, and the water is treated to
        e ort to keep your water clean and     manganese.  Carbon  lters remove       be within standards, sometimes the
        fresh.  Water treatment systems are an   unwanted chemicals such as chlorine   city water still has a smell or some
        integral part of everyday life that some   and other organic compounds that   contaminates in it when it reaches
        of us don’t even know exist.  They     may be in your water. Carbon  lters    your home or business.  Installing a
        operate to see that our water is free of   also are used to remove unwanted   system in your home or business
        potentially harmful chemicals as well   smells and tastes from your water.    allows you to know that the water you
        as remove bad odors, taste and depos-  Neutralizers take care of balancing PH.    are drinking is clean and odor free.
        its such as iron and hardness. If you   A neutralizer will protect against
        have a current system your water       corrosion of plumbing  xtures, water
        should be tested and your system       lines, and your water heater.  Treat-
        serviced yearly at a minimum.          ment systems come in all di erent

                               Residential             Commercial  Industrial

         Plumbing issues can cause more than just a headache
         and can be costly if left unattended. Our licensed and
         insured plumbers are here to serve your residential
         plumbing needs, no matter how big or small the job.

         Being a homeowner chances are you are going to need
         heater repairs at some point. The key is to  nd a HVAC
         contractor you can trust to get the job done right the  rst
         time. Our certi ed technicians can service and repair your
         heating system and if needed replace the entire unit.

         Your central air unit withstands a lot. From high
         temperatures to wind, rain, branches, and debris.
         Having your unit serviced helps to keep it running
         optimally and identi es any potential hazards or leaks,
         as well as helps to extend the lifespan of your system.

                                                        Emergency Service Call us any time!                   SATISFACTION

         Our team of electricians are the best in the business. We   (856) 769-3932
         pride ourselves in not only o ering the best electric
         services, but also customer service.  Our electric
         services range from indoor lighting to whole home      80 Broad St. Elmer, NJ 08318
         surge protectors to electric rewiring.
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