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                                              Key questions to answer to help plan to pay for retirement

                                                 • Are there things I enjoy doing that have   your retirement lifestyle.
                                                  related costs?
                                                                                     Make the decision to adjust your spending
                                                 • What are the activities that make up my ideal  patterns today. Choose something that you really
                                                  retirement day?                    don’t need and redirect that amount to a savings
                                                                                     or investment account. Take advantage of the
                                               Where will I be living in my retirement years?
                                                                                     growth potential over time. Pay yourself first
                                                 • Will I stay in my current home or downsize   instead of spending money on something that will
                                                  to a smaller home or a rental property?  not support your future retirement needs. Creating
                                                                                     that nest egg now could lessen your stress about
                                                 • Will I move to a retirement community or   money.
                                                  assisted living facility?
                                                                                     Start or add to an emergency fund. Even if the
                                                 • Will I sell my home and replace it with an   amount seems very small, it is important to take
               Brandon A Kuhn RICP®
               Brandon  A  Kuhn RICP®
                          Kuhn RICP®
                          Kuhn RICP®
                                                  RV or other alternative living option?  the first step. As that amount grows and the
                       Fargo Advisor
                       Fargo Advisor
                 Wells Fargo Advisor
                 W ells  Fargo Advisor                                               saving behavior becomes a habit, you will likely
                                               What situations might occur that could impact
        Your retirement could last 20 years or more. Now   my retirement expenditures?  gain confidence and momentum in your invest-
        could be the time to ask yourself, “What do I want                           ment activities.
        to do when I retire?”                    • What health care coverage do I need for my   Meet with your financial advisor to review your
                                                  specific health conditions?
        It’s an important question to ask sooner rather                              answers and turn your outline into a plan that will
        than later, as the answer could impact your   • Do I have an emergency fund for unexpected  help you work toward your goals. Your advisor
        retirement savings plans, so that you can align the   situations such as a health care crisis or loss   has planning tools and other resources to help you
        retirement you want with the retirement you can   of property due to a natural disaster?  identify your retirement income needs.
        afford. The first two steps in that process are: (1)   • What if I stop working sooner than expect-  Revisit your plan on a regular basis. Over time,
        decide what you want to do, and then (2)   ed?                               your goals may change because of new opportuni-
        determine the potential costs.                                               ties or unexpected events. Periodic reviews can
                                                 • What happens if I experience a significant
        The answers to these questions could help you   loss of income?              help you assess your progress and fine-tune your
        take the first step toward creating the retirement                           strategy.
        lifestyle you hope to achieve.         What are the barriers that are keeping me   Wells Fargo Wealth & Investment Management (WIM) is a division within
                                               from investing?                       Wells Fargo & Company. WIM provides financial products and services
        What will I be doing during my retirement                                    through various bank and brokerage affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company.
        days?                                    • I have nothing extra to invest.   Wells Fargo & Company and its affiliates do not provide tax or legal
          • Do I plan to continue working past age 65 or   • I have education loans or other debt.  Investment and Insurance Products are:
            after I reach my full retirement age? Full   • I don’t know how to start an investment plan.  • Not Insured by the FDIC or Any Federal
            time or part time?                                                          Government Agency
                                                 • I have time to start saving later.   • Not a Deposit or Other Obligation of, or
          • Are there hobbies I want to pursue that will                                Guaranteed by, the Bank or Any Bank Affiliate
            either cost money or make money?   Next steps:                              • Subject to Investment Risks, Including Possible
                                                                                        Loss of the Principal Amount Invested
          • Is there volunteer work that may also have   Prepare rather than panic. Review the questions   Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing
            costs associated?                  above and create an outline from your answers.   Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered broker-dealer and non-bank
                                               That outline will give you the framework to   affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. This advertisement was written by
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          • Do I plan to travel?
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