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                                                6 Things to know before buying

                                               When you discuss mortgage preapproval   years o  your mortgage.  Simply by
                                               with your lending institution,  nd out   structuring your payments so that they
                                               what level you qualify for, but also verify   come out more frequently, will
                                               what monthly dollar amount you feel    signi cantly lessen the amount of interest
                                               comfortable committing to.             that you will be charged over the term.
                                               Your situation may give you a preapproval   5. Ask the lender if you qualify for a
                                               amount that is higher (or lower) than the    rst-time home buyer’s loan?
                Anthony Morda                  amount of money you would want to pay
           Century 21 Town & Country Realty    out each month.                        Often there are programs available for  rst
                                                                                      time home buyers, and monies could be
        Yes, the interest rates have been      3. You should be thinking about your   available through the government for
         uctuating lately.  Before you commit your   long-term goals, and expected situation,   quali ed borrowers.
        hard-earned dollars to monthly mortgage   to determine the type of mortgage that   6. You should seriously consider dealing
        payments, consider these 6 points.     will best suit your needs.             with a Mortgage Expert.
        1. You should get preapproved for a    There are several questions you should be   Deal with a professional who specializes in
        mortgage before you go looking for a   asking yourself before you commit to a   mortgages as your  rst step in the home
        home.                                  certain type of mortgage.  Should I put the   buying process.   Enlisting their services
        Preapproval is easy and can give you   minimal monies down toward the         can make a signi cant di erence in the
        complete peace of-mind when shopping   purchase of a home or a larger down    cost and e ectiveness of the mortgage
        for your home. Your local lending      payment?   You need to determine what is   you obtain.
        institution can provide you with a written   best for your current situation.  For more information about mortgage
        preapproval for you at no cost and no   4. Make sure you understand what      programs available please contact Tara
        obligation, and it can all be done     prepayment privileges and payment      Morda, NMLS ID 1961818. Loan Originator
        over-the-phone.                        frequency options are available to you.  (NMLSID) from Greentree Mortgage
        2. Know what monthly dollar amount you   More frequent payments (for example   Company, LP at 302.229.5212.
        feel comfortable committing to.        weekly or biweekly) can literally shave
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