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> Requires Tee Time

                                                     Empty Nester

                                               These 7 recommendations will give      your needs. Nearly three-quarters of
                                               you the guidance you need to help      homeowners claim that they wouldn’t
                                               with your home selling process:        use the same realtor who sold their last

                                               1. Know why you’re selling. The        home. Dissatisfaction boils down to
                                               reasons behind your decision to sell   poor communication and lack of
                                               a ect everything from setting a price   knowledge.
                                               to deciding how much time and          5. Maximize your home’s sales
                                               money to invest in getting your home   potential.  You may not be able to
                  Anthony Morda                ready for sale. Di erent goals will    change your home’s location or  oor
            Century 21 Town & Country Realty   dictate di erent strategies.           plan, but you can do a lot to improve

        Are you an “Empty Nester” who needs a   2. Do your homework before setting a   its appearance. Before a showing clean
                                                                                      and declutter. Present your home to
        home for the future? Is it time to     price. Settling on an o ering price    get a “wow” response from prospective
        downsize?                              shouldn’t be done lightly. Once you’ve   buyers.
        Like thousands of homeowners, you      set your price, you’ve told buyers the   6. Make it easy for prospects to get
                                               absolute maximum they must pay for
        may be discovering that after years of   your home, but pricing too high is as   information on your home.   How
        non-stop tra c in and out of your      dangerous as pricing too low.          quickly your agent responds to you is
        doors and toys on the  oor, suddenly                                          an indication of how quickly your
        you are ready for a change.            3. Find out what other homes are       agent will respond to prospects.  Keep
        To help you understand the issues      selling For. Find out what comparable   that in mind.
                                               homes in your neighborhood have
        involved in making such a move, and    sold for in the past 6-12 months, and   7. Know your buyer.  In the negotiation
        how to avoid the most common and       research what current homes are listed   process, your objective is to control the
        costly mistakes most Empty Nesters     for as well and DOM.                   pace and set the duration. What is the
        make, I prepared this list to help you                                        buyer’s motivation? Do they need to
        plan for the move ahead.               4. Find a “good” realtor to represent   move quickly? Are they prequali ed?

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