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                      AGENCY LLC

                 “EVERY HOME IS A CASTLE”

          Castle Agency, LLC has been located in Woodstown, NJ for
          over 15 years and have earned bragging rights in the local
          market.  We are an aggressive firm with a kind nature.
          Castle Agency, LLC has accumulated many years of real
          estate experience and offers versatility in every phase of real
          estate.  Our agents specialize in Gloucester and Salem
          Counties but we have also have done business in Camden,
          Burlington, and Cumberland Counties.                                     OUR SERVICES

                 Real Estate in Salem and Gloucester counties is             Buyers Services
          growing in popularity because of its rural flavor with access
          to many conveniences, major roadways and bridges to                Buying a home shouldn’t be scary. Castle
          Delaware & Pennsylvania.  Find out for yourself.  Come and         helps take the fear and uncertainty out of
          see what Salem and Gloucester Counties have to offer.              purchasing a home. Our agents have
                                                                             developed a proven method for making home
                                                                             buying as simple as possible. We also work
                 Connie McDonnell is the broker and owner of Castle
                                                                             with some highly trusted referral partners in
          Agency, LLC.  Connie is a native of the area who currently         the areas of mortgages, title insurance and
          resides in Swedesboro and is actively involved in the com-         home inspections.
          munity.  Connie's philosophy at Castle Agency, is to offer
          today's technology along with old fashioned, hard work and
          personal service.  Connie McDonnell and Castle Agency,             Seller Services
          want you to understand that you will be provided with the
          same professional, courteous service that Connie has offered       Our agents go beyond the call to find
          in the local community for over 25 years.                          comparable properties that represent the true
                                                                             resale value of your home. Every local real
                                                                             estate market is different and every home
                                                                             within these markets has unique
                                                                             characteristics. Let us show you how to
                                                                             accentuate the positive aspects of your home so
                                                                             that you can get top dollar for your sale.

           228 South Main Street
           Woodstown, NJ 08098

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