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Is Email              FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call

                                           to help your business


 Worth It?              GROW with lead generation.

            We’ll show you the Lead Generation tools that are available to
            help lead customers directly to your doorsteps.

            What is Lead Generation?                                Why is Lead Generation Important?

            It means leads come to you instead of the other way      Lead generation is an essential part of running a
 As a small business owner, you don't take lightly the choice of   2.  Create once and repurpose.  Since Google loves fresh new   around.  There are hundreds maybe thousands of   successful business.  By capturing qualifed interested
 where to allocate your marketing budget.  website content and shows that love by ranking your site   potential customers searching for the products or   buyers in your sales funnel your ability to convert
 You’re aware that you need to draw in new clients and keep your   higher, you can repurpose the content of your email newslet-  services you offer.  We show you how to bring them   potential buyers into customers is greatly increased
 current ones coming back, but you can't a ord to spend time or   ter to update your website blog. You can also use the same   directly to your doorsteps.    and less costly than traditional sales methods.
 money on an activity that will not give the best results.  This is why   content to post on your social media accounts directing
 email marketing is crucial for small businesses.  potential readers to your website.
 Understanding the advantages of email marketing can help you   3.  Increase Sales -- 60% of consumers state that they have made   What is LeadUp.Solutions?
 decide if it's the appropriate move. One factor and probably the   a purchase as the result of a marketing message they received
 most important one to consider is that email marketing has the   by email.  Promoting your business through email gives your   LeadUp.Solutions offers a complete DIY suite of marketing software including Email Marketing, Landing and
 highest ROI (return on investment) of all forms of marketing,   potential customers the opportunity to purchase your   Sales Funnel Pages,  Contact Management, Website Builder and much more.  On your FREE 30 minute call with
 averaging about $44 in return for every $1 spent.  products, schedule and appointment or request a quote right   us we will give you an overview of these tools and how they can help you increase business.
 from their inbox.
 Email marketing is worth your time and money for other reasons
 in addition to ROI. The ability to reach customers in their inbox,   4.  Build Customer Loyalty -- When you help your customer’s lives   Best of all you can try out our marketing solutions platform absolutely FREE for 30 days!  After our call we’ll
 which the majority of people visit daily and is what makes email   by o ering exclusive savings, helpful tip or even just a “happy   setup your no commitment FREE TRIAL if you would like to see how the magic works.
 marketing so crucial in growing your business.  birthday” message, they’ll appreciate it and remember you
 the next time they need your product or service.  In addition to our DIY platform we also offer “Do it For You” expert marketing services where we create and
 Here are some of the top reasons to use email for your small   implement your marketing campaigns using those very same tools to deliver you leads.  Our services include
 business:  5.  Increase Website Tra c -- Emails are a great way to help your   Email Marketing, Website Design, Landing  and Sales Funnel Pages and much more.
 customers get to your website.  When you include links to
 There are 4 billion daily email users. -- Which means that the   your website within your email, you’re sending customers to
 @  likelihood of your customers not getting solicited by your   your website to learn more.  Most email newsletters will only
 competitors is slim to none.  include part of the story with “read more” link that open you   To schedule your FREE 30 Minute

 @  33% of marketers send weekly emails and 26% send emails   site blog page to read the rest.  And at the end of the story   Discovery Call simply scan the QR code
 they’ll  nd a stagically placed message that encourages them
 multiple times per month.
 to take action. Whether it’s buy, schedule or request more, it   or visit LeadUp.Solutions/Discovery
 Email is almost 40 times more e ective than Facebook and   keeps your customers engaged with your brand.  and simply pick a date and time that
 @  Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new
 customers.  The truth is that you need to stay in continuous contact with your   works for you!
 @  Smartphone users prefer to receive brand communications   current and potential customers. In businesses today we are
 expected to do just that. By establishing an ongoing consistent
 via email.
 relationship between your company and your email subscribers,
 @  According to 80 percent of professionals, email marketing   you’ll  nd that YES email marketing is worth every bit of your time!
 drives customer acquisition and retention.
 Ready to get started with email marketing? We can help.
 WHY IS EMAIL IMPORTANT?  LeadUp.Solutions o ers both DIY and Done For You marketing
 and email solutions.  For more information visit our website,
 1.  In addition to keeping you in front of individuals who want to
 hear from you, it also enables you to inform your customers,   LeadUp.Solutions and schedule you FREE 30 minute marketing   solutions
 increase tra c to your location or website, conduct a survey   discovery call, where we can show you the tools available to
 or questionnaire, and make announcements. And that’s just   launch your email marketing campaign.  (856) 320-5070
 the beginning!

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