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                                                                    • Car/Truck/Motorcycle Accidents  Experience Delivers Results...
                                                                    • Slip/Trip & Fall
                                                                    • Construction Site Accidents  $45 million jury verdict against
                                                                    • Defective Products        father and ER physicians for failure
                                                                                                to detect and report child abuse of
                                                                    WORKERS’ COMPENSATION       an infant who was abused again a
                                                                    • Temporary Wage Loss
                                                                    • Medical Benefits           permanent brain injury.
                                                                    • Permanent Disability      $30.5 million jury verdict in
                                                                    • Death & Dependency Claims  Gloucester County for a man
           Experience Delivers Results...                           MEDICAL MALPRACTICE         rendered a ventilator dependent
                                                                                                quadriplegic in a car crash
                                                                    • Wrongful Death            (reduced by 30% for his failure to
                           Personal Injury                          • Nursing Home Negligence   wear a seat belt)
                        Workplace Accidents
                                                                             Mati Jarve         $11 million recovery for the family
         Our Attorneys Have 100+ Years Of Combined Trial Experience      Founder/Senior Counsel  of a union carpenter who was
                                                                     Certified by the Supreme Court Of New Jersey as a   killed while driving to work.
                                                                            Civil Trial Attorney.
                                           Civil Trial Advocate  $8.6 million verdict for the estate of
                                                                     Anthony Granato, Adam M. Starr   a woman killed when struck by an
                                                                                                intoxicated driver. The verdict was
        856-451-4550                  120 W. Broad Street, Bridgeton  Certified by the Supreme Court Of New Jersey as a   against both the driver and the bar
                                                                            Civil Trial Attorney.
                                                                          Katherine M. Jarve
                                       13 West Avenue, Woodstown
                                                                          Michael D. O’Leary    that served him.
                                           PSYCHOLOGICAL INJURIES POST-ACCIDENT

                                                                                     health.  For example, if you are treating with
                                               psychological injuries following an accident   an orthopedist following surgery on your
                                               have the right to seek compensation just as   arm in a car accident, you should also tell the
                                               they would for a physical injury like a broken  doctor that you are now feeling nervous was
                                               bone.                                 while driving in cars.  Your doctors will
                                               Legally, pursuing compensation for    document your complaints in the medical
                                               emotional distress is similar to that of a   record, which is vital for a personal injury
                 Katherine M. Jarve            physical injury.  It requires that a claimant   lawsuit.  Additionally, your doctors often
        Accidents, regardless of their nature, can be   demonstrate that the emotional injuries are   have a network of mental health providers
        traumatic. When your daily routine is   causally related to the negligence of the   that they can refer you to, if needed.
        interrupted by an unexpected event,    at-fault party.  This will require medical   Document your challenges.  Keep a journal
        especially one that threatens your safety or   documentation and expert opinion to   or diary documenting daily struggles.
        well-being, the brain’s response can be acute  articulate severity of the emotional trauma,   Record what you are feeling.  This can be
        and enduring.  It is not uncommon to see   the cause, and any long-term implications.    useful later in litigation.  Descriptions of
                                               However, there are many things you can do   nightmares, anxiety attacks, or even
        post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),   to help your claim.  If you are experiencing   avoidance behaviors can paint a vivid
        anxiety, depression, and phobias.  However,   emotional distress after an accident, you   picture of the trauma’s real-time impact.
        in the immediate aftermath of an accident,   should take the following steps:   Don’t delay – call Jarve Granato Starr, LLC.
        the focus is primarily on physical injuries.    Seek medical treatment.  Like with physical   Personal injury law is highly specialized and
        Cuts and broken bones are immediately   injuries, you should seek treatment as soon   the complexities can be daunting when it
        noticeable and often treated with urgency   as possible.  It is often the case that people   comes to psychological injuries.  Our
        while the less visible emotional injuries   are focused on healing from surgery or are   seasoned attorneys at Jarve Granato Starr,
        sometimes fall by the wayside.         in too much physical pain to focus on the   LLC are well versed in handling cases
        New Jersey law, like many jurisdictions,   emotional trauma.  Nevertheless, tell your   involving emotional injuries and can help
        acknowledges that not all injuries are visible.  doctors what you are experiencing.  This is   victims secure rightful compensation.
        Psychological harm is genuine.  The law   true even if they do not specialize in mental
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