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How to get the most from your Digital Coupons.
 What is
 Digital  #  1  Create A Great Offer:

           Buy something-get something. (Free water bottle with sneaker purchase)
 Coupon    Buy One Get One FREE (Buy One Dinner Entree and Get One FREE)
           Buy One Get One 50% O
           Big Discount 50% O
           Something Free (Free T-Shirt when you spend $XX.XX)
 Marketing?   # 2  Advertise Your Offer:

           Digital Coupons can be advertised accross multiple platforms including
           traditional advertising like  print by using a QR code or on social media
           platforms like Facebook as well as in your email marketing campaigns.
 What are Mobile Digital Coupons?
 A Mobile Digital Coupon is a marketing tool used by   Scan This Code
 businesses like yours to entice customers to make a
 purchase by o ering discounts or special deals. It's a   QR CODE
 win-win situation – customers get to save money, while
 businesses get to increase sales and customer loyalty.  SOCIAL
                                                                                          Buy One Burger
 And How Can They Help Your Business?  SCAN NOW
                       CANCEL                                                            Get One         FREE
 Digital Mobile Coupon Marketing is basically the same as   Ease of Redemption - customers can easily redeem
 traditional coupon marketing but on steroids. Digital   coupons in your store, by simply clicking on a validate   # 3  Track Your Results:  Click to get offer!
 coupons leverage both traditional advertising methods   button or entering a code, enhancing the overall user   O ering coupon codes makes it easy to measure your return on investment
 such as print ads or posters using QR codes, as well as digital   experience.  (ROI). When people redeem a coupon code online, you don’t have to ask
 advertising platforms, like social media, email, and your   Tracking - gain valuable insights into consumer behavior,   them how they found your business.
 website.  allowing you to track and analyze coupon redemption rates,

 Digital coupon marketing can provide several bene ts.  customer preferences, and campaign performance. This   How to get started.
 data helps you optimize your marketing strategies and tailor
 Increase Sales – coupons can be used as incentives for   future o ers.  It’s simple:
 customers to make purchases which otherwise they may   Fill out a short online form with your company information, the deal or coupon information, any disclaimer and
 not have considered, nurturing customer loyalty with   Secure - Digital coupons often feature unique codes or   validation information, and the expiration date.  We create, host, and manage your digital coupon.  We also create
 discounts for your most loyal customers and attracting new   digital identi ers, reducing the risk of fraud or unauthorized   ads for you to use on any advertising platform from Social Media, Email Marketing, or Print ads. We can even help
 customers  duplication.
           you place your ads.
 Increase Customer Base – coupons do not only impact the   In 2021, over 337 million digital coupons were redeemed
 loyalty of your customers but also increase the likelihood   in the United States, which marks almost a 40 million   How much does it cost?  GET STARTED TODAY.
 that they will refer friends and family more often. Digital   increase in the number of redemptions from the previous
 coupons can allow customers to share your o er via social   year. (Statista)   Includes:  Visit www.LeadUp.Solutions/coupons or
 media, text messaging or email.  -Digital Coupon Creation  $                 scan the QR code below.
 83% of consumers state that coupons were the reason   -Hosting of Coupon
 Track your success rate – o ering digital coupons makes it   for a di erence in their shopping behavior with 39% of   -Analytic Reporting
 easy to measure your return on investment (ROI). You’ll be   those reporting that a coupon was the reason for buying   -Digital & Print Ad Creation  Monthly
 able to track how many customers viewed, downloaded and   -Ad Placement

 redeemed your o er. You don’t have to ask them how they   a particular product sooner than they anticipated.   *6 month term required.  Social media ad placement requires access to ad
 heard about your business.  (Inmar Intelligence)  accounts.  Monthly cost does not include your advertising spend on social media.
            One time account setup $249.00.
 In order to maximize their savings, 86% of shoppers are
 Ease of Distribution - digital coupons eliminate the need
 for physical printing and distribution, making them easily   in uenced by coupons to try new products which they   (856) 320-5070
 shareable through email campaigns, social media posts, or   have not purchased before and 80% to choose brands
 on your website.    that they would not typically buy from. (Businesswire)  |  solutions

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