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PERSONAL INJURY             Experience Delivers Results...
                                                                    • Car/Truck/Motorcycle Accidents
                                                                    • Slip/Trip & Fall          $45 million jury verdict against
                                                                    • Construction Site Accidents  father and ER physicians for failure
                                                                    • Defective Products        to detect and report child abuse of
                                                                                                an infant who was abused again a
                                                                    WORKERS’ COMPENSATION       short time later su ering a
                                                                    • Temporary Wage Loss       permanent brain injury.
                                                                    • Medical Benefits           $30.5 million jury verdict in
                                                                    • Permanent Disability      Gloucester County for a man
           Experience Delivers Results...                           • Death & Dependency Claims  rendered a ventilator dependent
                                                                    MEDICAL MALPRACTICE         quadriplegic in a car crash
                           Personal Injury                          • Wrongful Death            (reduced by 30% for his failure to
                                                                                                wear a seat belt)
                        Workplace Accidents                         • Nursing Home Negligence   $11 million recovery for the family
         Our Attorneys Have 150 Years Of Combined Trial Experience           Mati Jarve         of a union carpenter who was
                                                                         Founder/Senior Counsel  killed while driving to work.
                                                                     Certified by the Supreme Court Of New Jersey as a
                                   Certi ed by the National Board Of Trial Advocacy as a   $8.6 million verdict for the estate of
                                                                            Civil Trial Attorney.
                                                                            Civil Trial Advocate  a woman killed when struck by an
                                                                     Anthony Granato, Adam M. Starr   intoxicated driver. The verdict was
        856-451-4550                  120 W. Broad Street, Bridgeton  Certified by the Supreme Court Of New Jersey as a   against both the driver and the bar
                                                                            Civil Trial Attorney.
                                       13 West Avenue, Woodstown
                                                                          Katherine M. Jarve    that served him.

                                               Understanding New Jersey’s

                                               Dog Bite law

                                               bite – the dog has never bitten before. Is this  taunted or provoked the dog). Under these
                                               a valid defense? While many dogs are   circumstances, you may be found to be
                                               extremely friendly, past good behavior is   partially at fault for the bite. As long as your
                                               irrelevant in New Jersey dog bite cases.  New  share of fault is 50% or less, then the New
                                               Jersey dog owners are legally responsible for  Jersey Comparative Negligence Statute
                                               dog bites – period. You don’t need to show   (N.J.S.A. 2A:15-5.1) permits recovery. The
                 Katherine M. Jarve
                                               that the dog owner was negligent or that   court will reduce the total amount of
        You’ve heard it before – a dog is man’s best   the dog had a history of being aggressive.   recovery by your percentage of fault.
        friend. Generally, dogs are loveable   There are no “free bites” in New Jersey. This   Statute of limitations. As a general rule, the
        creatures; however, it is not always the case.   means that the owner can be held   statute of limitations in New Jersey for dog
        The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports    nancially accountable regardless of   bite cases is two years. This means that a
        that more than 4.5 million people are bitten   whether “Spot” has ever bitten before.  lawsuit must be  led within two years of the
        by dogs each year in the United States, and   Defenses. Even though New Jersey has   dog bite or your claim will be barred.
        more than 800,000 require medical      strict liability laws for dog bites, dog owners   What are your options? If you have been
        treatment.                             may have defenses available to them to   bit by a dog, seek medical attention
        Suppose someone’s dog attacks you or your   defend against lawsuits. First, the dog owner   immediately and call police and animal
        child. Dog bites are often serious and can   may be relieved of liability based upon   control to report the incident. The next step
        cause signi cant pain, scarring, and even   trespass of the victim (i.e., you are not   is to call Jarve Granato Starr, LLC. Hiring an
        long-term emotional and psychological   lawfully on the property). This defense will   experienced personal injury attorney is your
        distress. Do you know what your rights are if   likely not be successful if the bite occurred   best chance at receiving fair compensation
        you are bitten by a dog?               when you were on public property or when   for your dog bite injury, including recovery
                                               you were invited onto someone’s private
        NJ Strict Liability Laws.  Most dog bite   property. Second, the dog owner may argue   of current and future medical expenses, lost
        victims hear the same line soon after the   that the victim was negligent (i.e., you   earnings, and pain and su ering.

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