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         The silent protectors of
         today’s home

        As we enter into the warmer summer months with storm season
        around the corner our minds should switch to the thought of
        protecting your home from power loss.  During a storm often times
        power to your home from the utility company is interrupted.  This
        can be caused by anything from an auto accident colliding with
        pole lines to trees or branches tearing down the main utility
        company overhead power lines.
        During a power outage your home loses the ability to keep you safe
        and comfortable.  Without electricity most homes no longer have
        the ability to perform normal functions that sometimes we forget
        are even connected to electric. Electricity is required to operate
        comfort systems such as heating and cooling.  House hold items
        such as the refrigerator and freezer rely on electricity to keep your   INSULATION
        perishable items cold.   Also electricity is required to operate the
        well to provide water and in some cases even require electric to     Adding blown-in insulation to your home o ers
                                                                             bene ts such as enhanced energy e ciency, increased
        allow simple functions such as flushing your toilets.  Most home     comfort, noise reduction, improved indoor air quality,
        security/camera systems have battery backup but in an extended       sustainability, and a quick installation process.
        outage the battery could be depleted leaving you vulnerable.  One
        of your homes most important functions is to operate a sump pump     PLUMBING
        in your basement or crawl space.  Without your sump pump your
        basement or crawlspace could become flooded and cause damage         Plumbing issues can cause more than just a headache
        to any finished spaces on your lower level or anything stored on     and can be costly if left unattended. Our licensed and
        those lower levels.                                                  insured plumbers are here to serve your residential
                                                                             plumbing needs, no matter how big or small the job.
        The installation of a backup generator can protect your home
        during a utility power interruption at any time.  This is valuable   HEATING
        even if you are not at home during an outage as the Generator will
        activate and protect your home by providing power during an          Being a homeowner chances are you are going to need
        outage.                                                              heater repairs at some point. The key is to  nd a HVAC
                                                                             contractor you can trust to get the job done right the  rst
        How this happens is during a power interruption the generator will   time. Our certi ed technicians can service and repair your
        automatically sense the utility power loss and signal the unit to    heating system and if needed replace the entire unit.
        start.  Once the generator is running the transfer switch will
        transfer the items in your home to be powered by the generator.      AIR CONDITIONING
        This whole process happens in seconds so you see very little time    Your central air unit withstands a lot. From high
        with no power.  Once the home is running on the generator your       temperatures to wind, rain, branches, and debris.
        homes normal functions are back and you are able to run with full    Having your unit serviced helps to keep it running
        power.                                                               optimally and identi es any potential hazards or leaks,
                                                                             as well as helps to extend the lifespan of your system.
        Once the utility power is restored the unit will sense that power has
        been restored and transfer your home back to the utility source.
                                     Then, once the utility source           ELECTRICAL
                                     is reinstated the generator             Our team of electricians are the best in the business. We
                                     will shut down and go back              pride ourselves in not only o ering the best electric
                                     to waiting to serve you in the          services, but also customer service.  Our electric
                                     next outage.                            services range from indoor lighting to whole home
                                                                             surge protectors to electric rewiring.
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