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                                                            ROOFING        WINDOWS         GUTTERS         SIDING
                                                                                                 Beautiful Job!  I would highly
                                                                                                 recommend High Point
                                                                                                 Roofing.  The workmanship is
                                                                                            excellent and they took great care in
                                                                                            the clean up when they were done.
                                                                                            There is no other choice in my book.
                                                               $ 500          OFF           High Point Roofing is the REAL deal,
                                                                                                                 Brian B.

                                                                                            from start to finish they did every-
                                                                                            thing the promised.  We would
           recommend them over and over,
     canʼt go wrong with these guys!
                                                             Coupons must be presented at the time of sale and cannot be
                                                             combined with any other offers.  Window projects must be a   John P.
                                                             minimum of 5 or more. Offer expires 12/23.
                                                                   No Money Down             Schedule Your Free Estimate Today!
                                ROOFING                         No Payments For 1 Year          856-347-4700
                                REMODELING                       Financing Available

              1194 US Highway 40 | Pilesgrove, NJ 08098 | 856-347-4700

                                                             New Siding?
                Home Improvement
                Expert Contributor

                                                      How do you know when to have your siding replaced?

                                               Loose or missing siding is also another sign   the most important aspects of your home’s
                                               that it’s time to replace your siding. A few   siding is the surface material’s thermal
                                               of the main concerns with loose or missing   resistance. Because of how new siding
                                               siding is that excessive moisture, as well as   reduces the effect of external temperature,
                                               pests, can get underneath.             your HVAC will have an easier time
                                                                                      regulating the air inside your home. This
                                               Those factors have the potential to lead to a   translates to less energy being used to keep
                                               range of issues and potentially expensive   the house temperature at a comfortable
                                                                                      level, and your home ends up being more
          High Point Roofing Remodeling        Replacing your siding will help strengthen   energy efficient.
                                               the whole exterior of your home and will
        How do you know when to have your siding   also give your home a brand-new look. Lots
        replaced? Seeing cracks or holes in your   of people tend to underestimate the impor-
        vinyl siding are obvious things to spot, but   tance of the siding replacement on their
        what about the not so obvious reasons?  property. But the fact is, this is one of the
                                               most crucial parts of your home’s appear-
        Discoloration on your siding is something   ance, even if you don’t plan on selling your
        you should take notice of. This can be a sign   residence in the future. Replacing the siding   ROOFING
        of water damage to your exterior. If you   on your house is a great way to increase          REMODELING
        have wood siding, look for signs of rot, such   your property’s worth.
        as soft or crumbling wood, or excessive
        moss and algae growth. It’s important to   Besides adding curb appeal and overall
        investigate the source of this damage to   value to your home with new siding,
        prevent further damage.                another benefit is the energy savings. One of
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