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Bridgeton Area Chamber of Commerce is doing shared ads in Our Town Magazine with Bridgeton area municipalities over the next few months encouraging local shopping and business development.  We got a new member in the Chamber, using the $25 off coupon, almost immediately after the magazine was distributed.  Thanks to John and everyone at Our Town, we are off to a good start with this series of ads.
“Our Town” Magazine is clearly “The Best” advertising company to hit this area.  Their beautiful full color advertising magazine can’t help but attract your attention and entice you to browse through and discover businesses located right in your own back yard that otherwise you may not have known existed.  This magazine continues to grow not only because of the beautiful layouts but also because of the excellent communication they have with their clients.  Always notifying us in a timely fashion when ad copies are due with no high pressure salespersons.  Have a question?  No e-mail ever goes unanswered.  Our most recent experience involved a potential customer waking through the door with the “Our Town” Magazine in hand opened to our ad.  They have since put a deposit on one of our lovely homes that was featured in that ad.  Looking forward to many more customers generated from this wonderful, local advertising business.  We wish them continued growth and success.”
The ad looks great. Thank you for helping to get the pictures into the ad.
Carol, All Kids First
That’s great! Not what I had in mind but it’s actually better. Thanks!
Kenny, Absolute Auto Care
Love it. John, you’re a genius. Ad looks great. Let’s run it! Thank you.
Chuck, AutoSourze
They look great!! I’d like to go with the first one please.
Crystal, Bliss Salon
Looks great, thank you, go ahead, it is approved
Rick, Bruni's
Looks great! Run with it.
Russell, Calvary Chapel
Perfect. OK to run. Thanks!
Larry, Colonial Flowers
Everything looks great! Thank you very much.
Donna, Concept One Cleaning
It looks great! Thanks so much.
Kate, Confident Care
Awesome love it !!!
Robyn, Crust-n-Crumbs
The ad looks great! Thanks
Darlene, Bug Stompers
It looks great guys Thanks
Steve, Decoration Designs & Solutions
John. You make it seem so simple. That’s perfect. Thanks.
Mike, CSI
John, It looks great. Thank you, Jina
Jina, DeSoto Jewelers
I love it John lets run it!
Nicholas, Double Eagle
Looks Great go with that Thank you
The ad looks perfect. Best I’ve ever seen. Both my wife and I agree no changes need to be made. We can’t wait to see the actual ad. Thanks again.
Jesse, EOG
Hi John -the ads look great.
Cathy, Eric's Deli
Ad looks great. Thank youi
Chris, Eyedeal Vision
Ad is very nice. Go for it.
John, Ace Plumbing